What We Do & Why We Do It

 Kaye & Dennis Persons

The first and most compelling reason that Dennis and I are so excited and committed to The PosiLounge... we have experienced firsthand the power of music, and can personally testify to the effect positive music has had on our lives.

My son Joe died on his 45th birthday of lung cancer.  It only took nine months after he was diagnosed; but in that time, his body went through dramatic changes.  He went through all of it, the chemo, the loss of hair, the nausea; all of it without complaint. Although depression was always close, he never railed against the Fates, or displayed anger or anything . . . until the day he realized he’d never be able to work again. 

Like so many of us, he identified himself by what he did for a living.  He was a carpenter and a good one.  He specialized in exotic woods and intricate designs.  He LOVED to create beautiful pieces.  It crushed him to know his body wouldn’t work anymore, that he’d never make things beautiful ever again. 

It was the first time he cried in front of me. 

The song on the stereo was Karen Drucker’s, “I Stand Before You.” These are the words :
     I stand before you knowing we are one, You are the mirror of my soul.
     I stand before you honoring the part of you that is whole.

At moments, I was standing in front of Joe honoring him; and sometimes I understood that it was Joe standing in front of me, honoring my wholeness. 

Because Karen’s words were whispering in my ear, I was able to focus on Truth.
He wasn’t dying, he was only changing.  I held him, cried with him and reassured him.  And KNEW when the time came, I could let him go.  It’s taken some time,
but I KNOW he’s found peace.

It was at that moment Dennis and I dedicated our lives to the service of THE MUSIC.  We know its power. We understand what a mighty weapon against all things negative it can be.  We also realize how much our world needs all the positive tools we can bring. 

Thus began The PosiLounge.  A place to find a lift when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Posi Music?
• What is the difference between New thought music and Posi Music?
• Where do I find, and where do I buy, Posi Music?
How do I host a Posi Music concert?
•What is a "house concert"?
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For the answers to the above questions and more, please see our FAQ page, or contact Kaye and Dennis at ThePosiLounge@Live.com. As you pose more questions, we'll post more answers!

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Meet Dennis & Kaye

By the time DENNIS was four years old, he thought his last name was Dammit.  That was revealed at a small church in Muskogee, OK, when the priest asked him his name in front of a multitude of other parishioners.  It is, after all, what he had been called most of his short life. 

After being smitten by the theater bug at the age of 14, Dennis pursued a dream of a theatrical career, both in front of and behind the curtain.  That dream lead through many venues and landed him in Las Vegas where he was employed at a showroom helping showgirls dress in as little as was legal.  After being laid off and spending two months lounging by the pool drinking champagne, he went to work for the American Red Cross. 

Dramatic career change?  No, not really.  For nearly 26 years, Dennis worked as the lead roadie for Red Cross disaster relief operations.  He retired from the Red Cross in 2008 to continue his pursuit, and that has led him to co-create The PosiLounge.

KAYE grew up singing harmony with her twin sister, Gaye.  The “Russell twins” were regulars on the church singing circuit from the time they were five years old. At the age of ten, they were the youngest band members in the Mansfield High School Marching band, and held first chair in all-district-band at twelve.  Kaye chaired in clarinet, Gaye in flute. 

Kaye found theatre at the age of 27; and for the next 19 years, had a love affair with musical comedy.  “There’s no drug like it, no high greater than making people laugh,” says Kaye, “unless it would be knowing you’ve truly served the song as the author intended.” 

Kaye served as Music & Special Event Coordinator at Unity In Alexandria, VA, from 2001 to 2008.  The PosiLounge was conceived at the 2006 Sound Connection Conference and has gone through many changes. It was when we realized it was a virtual place that things started popping.   Our goal, through The PosiLounge, is to have Posi Music  recognized by the music Industry by 2015 and to have Posi Music sections in every music store. be it brick-and-mortar or online.

A Few Words About Posi Music*

(from wikipedia.org) Posi Music (pronounced pah-zee) has been around since the 1970s, though only recently has a definitive label been applied to music in this genre. Short for Positive Music, Posi Music is categorized by its intention to have a positive effect on the listener. Musicians who write and perform Posi Music profess a desire for their music to unite and inspire their audience and make them feel better.

Early Posi Music was produced by New Thought musicians including: Karl Anthony, Shanti Norman, Charley Thweatt and Leroy White. Unlike gospel and contemporary worship music, Posi Music's lyrics are less specifically spiritual which has made it increasingly popular with musicians from many different religions. As the genre has evolved it has been embraced by artists following many different spiritual paths ranging from New Thought, Agapism, Judaism, Christian Science and Catholicism to Buddhism, Pantheism and Seicho-no-Ie.

Posi Music is described as being upbeat and uplifting music. Usually it centers around the lyrics rather than the music itself. Often it is affirmational, though sometimes it is a call directing the listener to make changes to how they live. Posi Music can be spiritual, but most often it is not religious in nature. This allows Posi Music to be enjoyed by people of any faith.

Posi Music can be used in many settings beyond spiritual communities. Posi Music is marketed for use in retreats, workshops, fitness centers, counseling centers, therapy, nursing homes and hospitals. The themes in Posi Music are ideal for programs such as Arts In Medicine, where music is used to promote healing.

* from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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