Lounges, Lizards and Peeps!

The PosiLounge is a nationwide network of Posi Music venues.† By becoming a PosiLounge in your area, you will have access to a calendar on which you can post your concerts.†You will be able to use the PosiLounge logo as part of your advertising campaign; and soon you will be able to download branded templates for flyers, posters, snail and email, and business cards.† PosiLounges will be able to post recorded concerts on the PosiLounge website.†This will provide you with the opportunity to widen your audience by being able to introduce them to this music through our brand.†It will provide the artists with the opportunity to reach a wider audience through these recordings. Plans are in the works to team up with an internet radio broadcast to reach even broader audiences. Together we can establish a brand that people across the country will be able recognize.

PosiLounge Lizards are positively positive creatures that take pleasure in entertaining through the proliferation of the airwaves with the power of Posi Music! And PosiLounge Lizards are the artists that entertain in a PosiLounge.† By linking on The PosiLounge website, Posilounge Lizards can let PosiLounges know that they are interested in performing in PosiLounges.† When a Lizard has an open date in a pass-through city, he/she can network with the Lounges to book a gig. By placing the PosiLounge link on their page, Lounge site visitors go to the Lizardís website where they will see that the Lizard supports the Lounges. The more we can networ,k the more we can do, and the more we can proliferate the airways with the power of Posi Music!

PosiPeeps are pertíneer positive creatures that take pleasure in and are attitude adjusted by the power of Posi Music! By adding your name to the list of Peeps, you show your support of the Lounges and the Lizards.†As we grow, we will start sending out the PosiLounge Marquee, a newsletter listing upcoming Lounge concerts.

And all of this is FREE (though we gratefully accept donations)!





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